Malaria Is An Important Disease Threatening People Around The World

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Malaria is an important disease threatening people around the world, existing in all six World Health Organization (WHO) regions (World Health Organization [WHO], 2014). Relatively, the other distribution of this disease covering more than 100 countries in the tropical and subtropical climate region (Cullen & Arguin, 2014). According to WHO (2014), in 2013 there were at least 198 million cases of malaria that occurred globally around the world (estimate range between 124-283 million cases). Additionally, the disease lead to the high rate of death, the uncertainty range was between 367,000-755,000, and the average was about 584,000 deaths in 2013 (WHO, 2014). The estimated 90% of all the deaths caused by malaria are found in the Africa Region, and compared to the other regions, Africa is the highest risk region for malaria (WHO, 2014). WHO (2014) reported, among people of all ages, children under age 5 constitute the largest population of malaria mortalities, having 78% of all deaths. Pregnant women are also the most affected by malaria, for about 20% of low birthweight babies, stillbirth and maternal deaths are present due to malaria infections during pregnancy in endemic areas (WHO, 2014).
In Africa, Malaria becomes a considerable hazard that affects not only public health system, but also the economic development (Ntoumi, Djimde, Mbacham, & Egwang, 2004). According to Ntoumi et al. (2004), the difficulty of malaria eradication in Africa is largely due to the…
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