Malaria Transmission, Therapy And Treatment, Prevention, And Prevention

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Malaria is a disease that affects mostly tropical regions of the world. Like most diseases, the parasite that causes malaria is transmitted and deposited in a host by an agent. Different breeds of mosquitos can act as agents for the transfer of the parasite into human host or animal hosts but research shows that the male breed mosquitoes are active transmitters of the parasite that causes malaria. The actual parasite that causes the disease is called Plasmodium………..mosquitos carry the plasmodium vector in it saliva and deposits it in the blood stream of a human host which results in serious sickness. Malaria is known to have cost the developing world both economic and non-economic. Statically, malaria has taken the lives of the vulnerable in tropical communities. Vulnerable people such as pregnant women, children, the elderly and those with compromised immune systems have been affected the most. Governments in tropical areas have spent billions of their scarce financial resources in an attempt to control malaria but with little impact. Research into malaria transmission, therapy and treatment, prevention, and its education in general has been lacking or limited because of lack of adequate funding. The economic and non- economic effects of malaria is so dire that the international community cannot ignore it anymore. There is the need for adequate research and funding into the study and proper understanding of the disease so that the proper steps can be taken to completely

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