Malaysia Airlines-Strategic Management

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Malaysia Airlines In Malaysia, there are actually 3 different Malaysia airlines companies which are providing airline services to its customers. These 3 airline companies are Malaysia Airline, Air-Asia and Berjaya-Air. In reality, these 3 different airline companies provide different kind of services for their customers with different needs. For now, let's take a closer look at these 3 companies individually.

First of all, Malaysia Airline System or better known as MAS, is Malaysia's premium airline service with a fleet of 111 aircrafts in its network covering more than 100 destinations across 6 continents. Malaysia Airline is actually very renowned around the world, this is due to the reason where Malaysia Airline has
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In internal analysis part, we are looking for strengths and weaknesses of the company but in external analysis part, we are looking for threats and opportunities of the company. For external analysis part, we spread to 2 parts which are general environment and industry or task environment. Then based on internal and external analysis, we generate strategies for the company which include strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats, strengths and opportunities’ strategies, strengths and threats’ strategies, weaknesses and opportunities’ strategies and weaknesses and threats’ strategies. Then based on generated strategies, we choose strategies. Basic for us choosing strategies based on vision, mission, resources and synergies. After that, we will give recommend strategies for the company and the last one we will make conclusion for whole the report.


Malaysia Airlines (MAS) (Malay: Sistem Penerbangan Malaysia; Chinese: 马来西亚航空公司; MYX: 3786) is the flag carrier of Malaysia. Malaysia Airlines started its operation on 1987 after the airline changed its name from Malaysian Airline System. It is founded in 1947 by Malayan Airways. Then, it transformed to Malaysian Airways due to Malaysia gaining its independence. After that, it changes its name once more to
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