Malaysia Tourism Promotion Board ( Mtpb ) Essay

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Malaysia has been one of the top tourist destinations of international tourist in the Asia pacific region. It recorded a total tourism receipts of 65 billion Malaysian ringgit in the year 2013 . Kula Lumpur which its capital city is one of the most modern metropolitan cities of the wworld and serves as an international gateaway for tourists arriving into the country. Though Kula Lumpur offers an array of vistor activities and is successful in promoting itself as a strong tourist destination a lot needs to be done to capitalise its full potential and promote sustainable tourism development. Malaysia tourism promotion board ( MTPB) is the main caretaker of the tourism scenario in Mtalaysia alongside with airlines ,tour operators and nationally appointed tourism offices. The main task of MPTB is enhancing sales, advertising the product in the right media, showing. Presence in tourism events and seminars and promoting Malaysia as a tourist place. Kulalumpur which is also the capital city of Malaysia is one of the most developed cities in South East Asia. As with all major cities around the globe tourism plays a vital role in Kula Lumpur”s economy. It provides the locals with the much needed income, generates employment and diversifies the local businesses which lead to strong backward lineages. (Kula Lumpur structure plan 2020). It boasts of wide diversity which are conducive to tourism however these resources vary in degrees of attractiveness. A few of these resources have been

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