Malaysia 's Defence Industry Council For Defence Enforcement And Security

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Furthermore, Malaysia is known as a country that situated semi-peripherally in global communication and they are recognized as part of the international community. Ever since Malaysia became an independent country, the government started to take a step forward to improve the modes of communications and make efforts to expand the railroads, airports, etc. In the late 1990s, the government developed the Malaysia Defence Industry Council (MDIC) to help companies’ access foreign markets/ foreign targets and help companies to reach out for the foreign buyers but in 2010, the government renamed it to “Malaysian Industry Council for Defence Enforcement and Security (MIDES).” The main goal of this is to try to build a good relationship with other defence industries. (Ministry of Defence Malaysia) Malaysia is not only a small “underdeveloped” country, yet it’s still one of the biggest exporters of semiconductor devices, electrical devices and communication products in the world. According to the “” site, Malaysia is a symbolic regional and global partner with the United States, which two countries shared a diverse partnership in trade, investment, cultural and educational relations. U.S has been exports machinery, aircraft, agricultural products, etc. to Malaysia; therefore, Malaysia is the fourth largest trading partner with the United States. This concluded that Malaysian foreign direct investment is led by the real estate, biotechnology and wholesale trade sectors. (U.S

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