Malaysia's Education Curriculum's Correlation With Malaysia's National Philosophy of Education

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Since it attained its independence from Britain in 1957, Malaysia has gone through many changes in various fields. Among these changes were implementations of policies related to educational syllabus and the medium of instruction. The most important feature of this reform is that it was based on philosophy of education which was first documented. The National Philosophy of Education (NPE) which was introduced in 1989 acts as a guide for all educational activities in Malaysia. It sets the values and principles of the Malaysian education system from primary to tertiary level.

Arts Education Curriculum in Malaysia Primary School

In Arts Education for Malaysia primary school, the aim is to produce individual that can have a
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With no textbook for pupils to refer to, teaching and learning instructions in the classroom would be inefficient because pupils are not ready for the lesson.

For an example, in Tradisional Art ( Mengenal Kraf Tradisional ) the lesson for the day is to produce a painting based on water colour paint in year 3. The teacher must prepare the drawing paper, brushes, water colour, crayon and a finished painting as a sample for the pupils reference before entering the classroom. The pupils are not ready because there is no previous knowledge or any preparation done by the pupils. During the teaching and learning activity, the teacher have to prepare a bucket of water for cleaning purposes and make sure the classroom is in control and stay clean. This makes the teaching and learning more difficult.

During the lesson, pupils must achieve at least three level of achievement during the process required by the syllabus that is (1) know and recognise the materials; (2) know how to use it and (3) do some art appreciation. All of these will make the teaching and learning harder for the teacher. This can be solved if there is a text book for the pupils with step by step guidance shown in it for easy reference and provide a guidance book for the teacher as well.

According to Bajuri Babu (2010), “teacher must give priority to the preparation component in planning a lesson such as previous knowledge, objective of the lesson, materials and teaching aids, skills, classroom

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