Malaysia's International Relations Essay

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Perhaps the assignment uses an opportunity to address the case of Malaysian particularly on the aspect of international relations in order to analyze the behavior pattern of the characteristics of international politics, utility diverse historical junctures in which shifting bases of state power, paths of growth, and official manipulation of social identities join in the regulation of social order that facilitates capital accrual while maintaining state legitimacy in a multi-ethnic context. Therefore the term international relations can be describe in various dimensions such as political economy that basically looking into way of discovering how politics generates power over economics as well as associate. On the other hand international …show more content…
In considering diverse historical junctures of Malaysia linked with international relations going back to the colonial era evidently the British rule in Malaya between the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, most evidently has brought about the establishment of rubber plantation and the emergence of tin industries or term as “twin pillars” of colonial financial system for the purpose of growing demands of US and British commercial and manufacturing (during war material) interests. In addition to that the expression and perform of colonial ‘good government’ to generate social order that can be utilize of an export economy has create the system of divide and rule attitude.
Another issue is on the basis of diversified historical context of Malaysia in conjunction with international relations can be analyses best on the policies and legislations, particularly with regards to immigration, labour, land and education, oversaw the edifice of ‘racial’ traits. However Malays, together with those that are seeking to advocate a strict term of Islamic model of governance, tremendously rejected the British suggestion of a Malayan Union with the intention to constitute equal power sharing among the ethnic groups.
On the issue of multi-ethnic and inter-ethnic group tension has been so intense on the after math of the May 1969 elections as the issue of Alliance Party was
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