Malcolm X : A Influential Figure Of The Nation Of Islam

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A prominent figure of the 1960’s civil rights movement and an influential leader, Malcolm X fought for equal rights for African Americans. He viewed civil rights differently than most civil rights activists; this is why when he is talked about, there are mixed emotions. Many know of Martin Luther King Junior’s standpoints and highlighted moments, but less know of the many accomplishments that Malcolm X had as well. He sometimes came off harsh to the public, because non-violence was the tactic used for other advocates. Also a former member of the Nation of Islam, Malcolm X developed a black nationalistic standpoint and preached that whites were not to be trusted. With Malcolm X’s strategy of preaching African American pride and equality, he moved the nation with his views and promoted the lives of many. Although Martin Luther King Junior and Malcolm X were both the strongest African-American leaders of their time and arguably in history, they represented very different philosophies. While King spoke out for peace and harmony between the white and black race, Malcolm took a stand in arguing for African Americans to join together and create a stronger society between the black race. By doing so, economic status would be equal and found more often throughout society. One of the reasons why these two leaders had such different political views includes the way and place that they were raised in. Whereas King grew up in a middle-class family and was educated in school, Malcolm X

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