Malcolm X : A Young African American

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MALCOLM X; EL-HAJJ MALIK EL-SHABAZZ Malcolm X was a young African American who was a militant leader of black independence against white supremacist America. Malcolm was born in Omaha, Nebraska in a small house that he shared with his six other siblings and two parents. Throughout his life he changes from an avid reader and diligent student to a street hustler. Then later to a civil rights leader and activist. Malcolm spent the majority of his active life as a minister under the Nation of Islam, the Black Muslims. Malcolm’s greatest evolution took place after his break from the Nation, experiencing an epiphany during his pilgrimage to the holy city of Mecca, Malcolm’s views on many of his former beliefs about the white man and Elijah Muhammad 's version of Islam started to change. The eternal ruptures within the Nation, which were between Malcolm and the leader, Elijah Muhammad, directly led to his break from the Nation and later to his assassination. After his tragic death, Malcolm X left behind a legacy that is forever instilled in everyone he knew, even though he had “one hundred percent dedication to everything[...]that he believed in.” his greatest accomplishment was his ability to revolutionize himself and empathize with black men and women from all corners of the nation.…
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