Malcolm X : An African American

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“Be peaceful, be courteous, obey the law, respect everyone; but if someone puts his hand on you, send him to the cemetery.” That was one of Malcolm X’s quotes. It is great to be nice and fair; but don’t let others make you feel inferior to them, treat you unfairly and cruel. If someone throws a rock at you, you pick one up and throw it right back. Malcolm X was an African American who was deeply involved in the Civil Rights Movement and also the Islamic Nation. He was one of the ministers of Islamic churches after joining the Nation while he was incarcerated. Though he had did a lot of wrongs in his life, he also made many positive actions that would affect history forever.

Malcolm X was formerly born as Malcolm Little in Omaha, Nebraska on May 19, 1925. His mother, Louise Norton Little, was constantly occupied with the eight children in the family and his father, Earl, was a Baptist minister who supported and backed the Black Nationalist Leader Marcus Garvey, which was the primary reason the family received many death warnings from a group called the Black Legion, which supported and reinforced the idea of white supremacy. The threats forced the family to move twice before Malcolm’s fourth birthday. (The Biographer Channel, 1)

In spite of how hard the family tried to escape white supremacy, their home in Lansing, Michigan was burned down to the ground. In 1931Exactly two years after that, at the age of eight years, Malcolm Little father, minister Earl Little was found
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