Malcolm X : An Influential Leader Of The Civil Rights Era

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Malcolm X was one of the most influential leaders of the civil rights era, along with Martin Luther King

Jr. I have chosen this speech because I think it shows prime examples of rhetoric. This speech was very

important to the people of the civil rights movement as it motivated and empowered them not to back

down and to fight back with force. He was adamant in his resistance to white oppression and very militant

in his actions. He both invigorated and separated the African Americans through his controversial views

and speech and often urged black men and women to use violence. This was a definite contrast to the way

of Martin Luther King conducted his followers, he preached peace and unity while X took a more

aggressive approach. "The Ballot or the Bullet" became one of Malcolm X 's most recognizable phrases

along with 'by any means necessary '. The Ballot or the Bullet" speech was delivered on April 12, 1964, at

Cory Methodist Church in Cleveland, Ohio. This speech can be seen as a call to action for the audience.

There are many similarities between and differences between Malcolm x’s planned speech and Martin

Luther King’s spontaneous speech. Martin Luther King was the leader of the peaceful protests that

occurred in the civil rights movement. To this day his speeches are very important in the black

community and are a very important part of black history. Dr King and Malcolm X are two of the most

prominent African American leaders of the civil
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