Malcolm X : An International Treasure

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The people that share the same hardships often change the way they go about their lives. The suffering that they endure everyday often leads to a desire to make a change. Malcolm Little, better known as Malcolm X, suffered most of his life due to racism. The racism and discrimination he endured became so overwhelming that he decided to make a change and take action against white supremacy for blacks in America( Editors). As an African-American, he and other African-Americans risked their lives to create a better life for themselves and the African-American race. The challenges that Malcolm X overcame and his success in his civil rights movement makes his life so significant. Malcolm X is an international treasure because he provided the African American community with confidence to fight against white supremacy. Surrounded by white supremacy, Malcolm Little experienced devastating losses that pushed him towards being independent. Little was born in a prejudiced society because his parents were active in anti-white-supremacist groups. His mother, Louise Norton, was apart of the Marcus Garvey Movement that preached all humans are equal; and his father, Earl Little, was very involved in the Universal Negro Improvement Association (Shabazz, Editors). Following his parents’ is what helped him become the natural leader he was (Esposito). Due to his parents involvement in these anti-white-supremacist groups, his family was often attacked by groups like

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