Malcolm X And Frederick Douglass

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Africans have long faced racism in their long history in America. They have had their identities and rights lost under centuries of slavery. Even after the Civil War, the inequalities between African Americans and Caucasians did not cease to exist. From these troubles, many strong people have risen and been able to tell their stories. Among these include a former slave who traveled north and gained freedom, Frederick Douglass and civil rights activist, Malcolm X who both wrote their own autobiographies about their journeys against racism. While Malcolm X and Frederick Douglass lived about a century apart, they share similarities in how they faced and combated racism through education, inspiration by other people, and their eventually finding of freedom. Both Malcolm X and Frederick Douglass fought against racism with their education. In his early years, Malcolm X was at the top of his class yet he did not receive the same encouragements as his caucasian counterparts. In his autobiography, he depicted a scene where in his English teacher, Mr Ostrowski, said, “ Malcolm, one of life’s first needs is for us to be realistic. Don’t misunderstand me, now. We all here like, you know that. But you’ve got to be realistic about being [an African American]. A lawyer -- that’s no realistic goal for [an African American],” (X 38). While Mr Ostrowski said these things to Malcolm, he encouraged all the other children to pursue their passions. He also suggested for Malcolm to be a carpenter
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