Malcolm X And The Prince Of Islam

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Malcolm X often referred to as “ The Prince of Islam” was as a blunt, straight forward, and a respected Civil rights activist that coin the saying “By any means necessary”. Many people wanted to get into the mind of this influential leader. The Autobiography of Malcolm X: As Told to Alex Haley would allow people to have a crucial perception into the mind of an important figure during a time of racism and oppression to see the lasting impact it has on oneself. The Autobiography of Malcolm X: As Told to Alex Haley came to be as a collaboration between Malcolm X and Alex haley to merely tell the life story of Malcolm Little, but in it really shed light on an important issue that was going on in America at the time, the problem is still going on now. The book starts off with Malcolm X, at this time he went by Malcolm Little recalling a conversation he had with his mom. The conversation was about how a group of KKK(Ku Klux Klan) men came to the house while she was pregnant with him looking for his father. The KKK had been a problem for his family even before Malcolm was born because his father was involved with Marcus Garvey was a part of the U.N.I.A.(Universal Negro Improvement Association). After this incident, The family moved away after Malcolm was born to escape away from the opposition. The first couple chapters of the book depict the first twelve years of his life. Malcolm recalls this time in his life as a “nightmare” because the horrifying events that had occurred…

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