Malcolm X : Drug And Drugs, Drugs And Death

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The next years of Malcolm's life began a downward spiral into drugs, drinking, and gambling. He ultimately landed as a hustler in Harlem, New York. With shrewd wit and intelligence, Malcolm adjusted quickly to the street life and became known as Detroit Red because of his straightened head of red hair and his light complexion. Once police are aware of his lifestyle and survival is no longer possible, he moves back to Boston, where he had previously stayed for a short time, with his sister, Ella. He had referred to her as one of the proudest black women he had ever known. His criminal activity eventually caught up with him again, and Malcolm ended up in prison in 1946. He was convicted and sentenced to 10 years of incarceration for theft…show more content…
Malcolm and his family corresponded often, and he began to gain knowledge of Elijah Muhammad’s religion of Islam. He assessed himself and soon realized the quilt and sin of his previous life had prepared him to accept the truth, as taught by the leader of the Black Muslims. From the murder of his father, his own experiences of racial injustice, the knowledge his white grandfather had raped his grandmother, he knew beyond a doubt; there was nothing good about the white race. This information was a blinding light that took weeks for him to deal with directly. Muhammad’s religion taught that white men were evil and referred to them as the devil, believing their destruction by Allah was inevitable. The black race had been lied to and stripped of its identity; therefore, the best answer was to separate from white civilization and find its self-respect. With encouragement from family, Malcolm began writing to Elijah Muhammad. Based on his background, it was not a far stretch to believe Muhammad’s teachings, and soon Malcolm was on his knees in prayer. Now a self-educated man with a new purpose, he was released from prison in 1952 with a new name, Malcolm X, believing the name Little was forced upon him by white slave owners. He went to live with his brother Wilfred and discovered the life of
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