Malcolm X

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Malcolm X has made one of the greatest impacts on cultural consciousness for the African American Community during the second half of the twentieth century. He was a revolutionary icon who revolutionized the African American mindset. Malcolm X transformed modest African Americans into self confident, proud, powerful African Americans. No one could escape Malcolm’s influence, even after his death. Cognitive Objectives Cognitive objectives covered in this course focused on understanding life experiences of diverse populations across the world as well as being aware of our own prejudices and attitudes towards diverse populations. The objectives focused on understanding institutional racism in both present day societies as well as in the…show more content…
Louise, who has more doors open to her because of her skin color, is able to get housework jobs, but must deny her heritage and eventually once it is discovered that she is African American, she is fired. Malcolm, in the same situation as his mother, is able to have more doors opened for him as he was also light skinned. Malcolm experiences some freedoms such as being able to play basketball, work as a dishwasher and shoot raccoons. Although he was granted more freedoms then most African Americans at the time, he understood that the white society still viewed him as an inferior. Mechanisms of Oppression and Injustice in Society Growing up Malcolm was tested in many ways by the injustices in society. Malcolm was pressed by local white boys to ask out white females, although there was an ulterior motive of pursuing Malcolm to ask out white females; Malcolm knew that if he would pursue a white female he would possibly be lynched, as interracial relationships were forbidden. Malcolm, after moving in with his sister Ella to an upscale black neighborhood attends a dominate white high school where he is elected class president and feels that although the school allows him to succeed, he was only allowed to succeed because he was not challenging the white order. Malcolm realizes that the white society bestows privileges on him, when they know that

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