Malcolm X Is Not An Exception Of This Rule

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At certain points in life, one will have to face frustration and overcome it. The older one gets, the more frustration one will experience. This feeling mostly has a negative impact if one is unable to control what one is thinking and doing. When frustration slowly builds up inside one’s body and mind, it will gradually turn one into a new person without making him or her realize it. Unfortunately, Malcolm X is not an exception of this rule. In his early life, Malcolm passively endured the racism among white and black, which led him to his adult personality and behavior as well as his development of anti–white views. It all started when the whites murdered Malcolm’s dad and then the welfare agents institutionalized his mother. Not only did the whites cause his mom to have a mental breakdown, but also they separated him from his brothers and sisters. This had a negative impact on Malcolm’s view on white people; it led him to anger and frustration toward the white society for destroying his family. Since he was young, Malcolm learned that it did not matter how nice white people were to blacks, they would never see black people as their equals. To the whites, black people did not appear as human beings, but rather, they were more likely to be seen as a pet. “They didn’t give me the credit for having the same sensitivity, intellect, and understanding that they would recognize in a white boy,” said Malcolm (X, 28). As long as there were white people, nothing would ever change in

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