Malcolm X: Leader and Mover Essay

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“Brothers! Brothers, please! This is a house of peace!” These were Malcolm X’s last words before he was assassinated. His childhood was a stressful start and his life ended in a tragedy. Malcolm Little was destined to become great, inspirational, a leader. He was a very smart kid, inspired others to be like him. Most will probably remember him as a threat, a criminal, and an outlaw; but when you observe the bright side of his life, his greatness tends to shine. Even though Malcolm X had a very difficult childhood, he deeply contributed to the Civil Rights Movement.
Indeed, Malcolm X experienced a very rough and stressful childhood. Before he was born, the Ku Klux Klan had attacked his mother even though she was still pregnant with him.
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Shortly soon, Malcolm would adopt X, as his last name; which was symbolic of a stolen identity.
Not to mention, Malcolm X was very charismatic and the one to get his point across. Malcolm always made himself clear in his speeches regardless if it was offensive or not. He strived to be revolutionary, fight to win equality for all oppressed minorities. Malcolm X rose quickly in the NOI, becoming the minister of NOI’s Temple Seven in Harlem in June of 1954. Malcolm X simultaneously was becoming an accomplished journalist; he wrote for several publications before he founded the NOI's newspaper, Muhammad Speaks. Malcolm X’s new found fame also attracted the attention of the FBI, which soon began tapping his phone, concerned that some kind of racially based revolution was brewing. While the FBI was concerned, Malcolm X had a meeting with Fidel Castro; which only heightened the fears people had for a revolution.
As a matter of fact, Malcolm did not become a new man overnight. His conversion to his newer self was done mentally. To achieve the person he wanted to become, he had to change the way he viewed the world. It took keen observation, patience, and learning. Despise his efforts to become the true, revolutionary leader everyone would look up to; people considered him a threat. His friends, allies, enemies, all revealed that he was potentially dangerous. He was feared in this way because of the power he had; people thought he would be able to start a revolution

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