Malcolm X

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Malcolm X was a strong advocate for the right of African Americans and can be considered one of Americas most influential people of the 1960’s followed be Dr. Martin Luther King. Malcolm X was born in a large family and has to move to place to place because of the “back to Africa” movement. This event will leads his father to be murdered and was thrown on the train track to make it look like an accident caused him to have a hate rid toward white people. Even though Malcolm X was an excellent student in schools, but because of the racial tension between him in the white teacher often showed Malcolm X with discouragement. Because for the discouragement that he would receive during school Malcolm X would drop out of school and seek out crime gaining respect on the streets. Malcolm X wanted to join the military, but was turned down because his he believed. After being turned down form school and the military Malcolm would commit grand larceny and will be sentenced to prison. In prison is where he would meet an intellectual by the name of Bembry who would inspire him to educate himself and become notorious “Malcolm X”. Upon meeting Bembry and developing has mind, he would also developed his spirtualality by devoting his life to the Nation of Islam (NOI). After he left the prison, he would create his legacy by preaching about the Nation of Islam and influencing huge crowd of people to fight for the rights of the African American people. A sided by side comparison between Dr Martin

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