Malcolm X: Paving the Way for the Rights of African Americans

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Of the people whose names are mentioned in history, some men like Thomas Edison are praised for their genius minds, while others such as Adolf Hitler are criticized for leaving a depressing legacy behind. While it is relative easy to notice the type of legacies these two men left, legacies of other men are often vague and they seem to be imbedded in gray shadows. This is how many people view the life of Malcolm X. Malcolm X during his lifetime had influenced many African Americans to step up for their rights against the injustices by the American government. One on hand, he has been criticized for his hard stances that resemble extremism, while on the other hand he has been praised him for his effort in raising the status for African…show more content…
The choice of words indicates using violence as a possible means to fight for your rights. Even the title that he gave to the speech seems violent in that it implies that an African American should either cast a vote to get his rights or use the power of bullets to get his rights. It may seem detrimental to use such symbolism in a speech, because some African Americans can actually resort to violence by getting ‘emotionally excited’. However, in a speech that has the power to change the course of a nation and change the lives of millions of people, it is necessary to use such symbolism because it strengthens the position of the African Americans. If we look closely at the relationship that Malcolm X has with the nation of Islam, we find that he truly supported the cause of Black Nationalism. This was a time when Blacks drank from different fountains, and had different restrooms, and different seating arrangements in public transportation. During this time, Malcolm X felt it was absolutely necessary for Blacks to have their rights by any means necessary. Readers should view his speech as a breakthrough for paving the way to give African Americans the rights that they deserved instead of viewing it as a speech filled with hatred against Whites. Malcolm X even states in his speech “Now in speaking like this, it doesn't mean that we're anti-white, but it does mean we're

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