Malcolm X Reflection

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I have read The Autobiography of Malcolm X twice, one before watching the movie and one after, but after the second reading, I found out that the style of Malcolm X really is translated well to the page. The narrator maintained his conversational tone without giving up any of the energy and forcefulness that made him such a compelling speaker. After I had finished my second reading, I appreciated Malcolm's choice to leave the big parts of the previous chapters, which relate with Elijah Muhammad and the Nation of Islam as suggested by Alex Haley. In spite of these events have affected negatively on his feeling. I thought it would have been a shame and it would have a less suspenseful narrative if he had revised those parts to reflect his later feeling of betrayal. As Alex mentioned in Epilogue:
“The matter was straightened out, and I sent Malcolm X some rough chapters to read. I was appalled when they were soon returned, red-inked in many places where he had told of his almost father-and-son relationship with Elijah Muhammad. Telephoning Malcolm X, I reminded him of his previous decision, and I stressed that if those chapters contained such telegraphing to readers of what would lie ahead, then the book would automatically be robbed of some of its building suspense
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1964. 104) and the ablution. Nevertheless, it finished with the revolutionary adoption of a new system of values. While he was in prison, Malcolm was introduced to the version of Islam, which is advocated by Elijah Muhammad and his followers. He embraced it and felt its moral superiority but Malcolm went beyond the Elijah Muhammad Nation's moral assumptions because they failed to refuse America's ethical values completely. Despite the Black Muslim's beliefs did not contribute to Malcolm's freedom and redemption, it was morally and psychologically
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