Malcolm X: The Extreme Views Of Malcom X

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Malcom X
I do not agree with all of Malcom X’s extreme views, however I could not read his work without being moved in some way. It is extremely powerful and thought provoking. He seemed to have had possessed an unwavering set of morals. It was not until I dove deeper into his background, and learned of his upbringing, did I reach better understanding of Malcom X. He endured racism his whole life. Never being able to get away. He was drowning in it, when he found Islam, it was like coming up for air. This courageous journey helped mold him into one of the most influential Black leaders of his time.
“There is no better than adversity. Every defeat, every heartbreak, every loss, contains its
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His views on black rights often clashed with other Black rights activist such as Martin Luther King Jr. Martin Luther King was focused on equality and finding the goodness of man and the hope that we could live equally. Malcom’s views sometimes took on an aggressive tone. Understandably so, giving his background. All Malcom knew of race, was the anger and hatred that it brought with it. Which made him at first, have the notion of not wanting anything to do with White America. Even going as far as doing anything necessary to complete the separation from them. In order to have a separate but equal Black…show more content…
In this he reaches out to all backgrounds and religions to try and unite them in the common cause. Claiming that they have all suffered in this together. And that to be aware that it is election year and that the white man will smile at you most when he needs you and look down upon you when he doesn’t. This speech resonated because I could not help but think of this year. 2016 is an election year. Yes we have come a long way but not as far as we had hoped. We are still facing the race debate. And many of the battles and obstacles that Malcom X faced then, are still being faced
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