Malcolm X : The Fight For Civil Rights

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Malcolm X was misunderstood his whole life and even after his death. He has been portrayed as a hate activist because people thought that since he was willing to use violence, it meant that he was always physically attacking people, which he wasn’t. He struggled through a rough life since the day he was born. Malcolm X chose violence as his way to fight for Civil Rights because of his childhood that affected his religion which crafted his positive perspective on black power through violence instead of peaceful methods. Throughout Malcolm’s whole childhood he was exposed and treated with violence mainly from hateful racists trying to harm and kill his family.His family was a target to the white racists because of their ideas about black power and their association with the Marcus Garvey 's Universal Negro Improvement Association , a movement that built black power to end segregation, which made the racists feel unreasonably threatened. In 1925 the KKK violently tore apart Malcolm Little’s home, burning it down and forcing them to move from Omaha Nebraska to Lansing Michigan. ("Malcolm X.") Once his family settled in Lansing the locals found out that his family was associated with the Marcus Garvey Movement and it made them feel threatened like the people in Omaha. Malcolm’s father was murdered by a white supremacist who hit him with a car so viciously that his head was only hanging onto his neck by a strand. The man who murdered his father had his crime covered up so
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