Malcolm X Thesis

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Malcolm X

The history of the United States has in it much separation or segregation due to race. For a long time our country has seen racism as a large problem and this has caused ethnic groups to be looked down upon or forced into a lifestyle of difficulties and suppression. Due to this, races, particularly African-Americans, have been forced to deal with unequal opportunity and poverty, leading to less honorable ways of getting by and also organizations that support change. Malcolm X is one strong example of a colored man who fell into this type of hate and acted against it, uniting people to promote the advancement of colored people and change. At a young age, Malcolm saw the ways in which blacks were seen as inferior, when
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He is truly one of the symbol 's who helps to promote this change and help black people of America to stop living lives that they are told are less meaningful, and forced to be unsuccessful in. Although many people may disagree with the exact teaching of Malcolm X and his views on the reasons that black people were struggling, his intentions to change the ways that black people were viewed was a strong turning point in the direction of the nation. His autobiography and experiences truly helped many white people and black people to see what had been happening to our society that they had been blinded by for so long, and gave us the opportunity to change this. Some ways our society is helping to change this is by improving welfare programs, providing additional aid for colored people to attend college, and requiring companies to employ a certain amount of minorities. Although racism still exists today, it is much less severe and active as it was back in the days of the life of Malcolm X. Malcolm X is certainly one of the most important catalysts for this change and his works should be known and appreciated by all who have been affected by this, or all who did not realize the extremity of the situation until he brought it to their
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