Malcolm X's Legacy from the Ghetto to Activist

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Malcolm X, also known as El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz’s legacy is about one’s personal transformation of a self-made man. A man who once associated himself with hustling and crime as a ghetto pup; then to a staunch radical activist, to a political figure, and to becoming one of the most influential African Americans in history. To some he was admired as a courageous human rights activist for blacks, and in some others eyes, he was a man who preached racism and violence towards the whites. Before his last two years of adapting to a peaceful outlook as an activist; before, on one hand, he was undeniably repulsed by the racial discrimination and violence against black Americans, and on the other he originally believed that America offered…show more content…
The NOI fought and supported for a case of their own only, separating themselves from one developed by white people, seeing them as an inferior. While Little was on a quest of finding and studying his new religion in prison, he commences himself to study the dictionary, to develop the vocabularies that would aid him to become an eloquent and compelling public speaker. Finally, in 1952 Malcolm was discharged from prison, a man with a new identity. The starter of his first big step of achievement was when he then travelled to Chicago, Illinois to meet Elijah Muhammad, to become an active member of the NOI. Malcolm was easily accepted into the movement of the NOI and was given the name of “Malcolm X”. Malcolm believed that the “X” defined his true descent to be lost when his ancestors were strained into slavery, therefore he took the last name of a variable: “X” to represent the unknown ancestry obscure African American identity. Later in Chicago, Malcolm personally studied under Muhammad and Malcolm was sent to coordinate a mosque in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Elijah Muhammad recognizing Malcolm’s talent and ability; it wasn’t long before when Malcolm was appointed as an assistant minister and national spokesman for the NOI. Elijah Muhammad arranged Malcolm with organizing new mosques in cities such as Harlem, Boston, New York, Detroit and Michigan. Malcolm
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