Malcom X And The Civil Rights Movement

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Fahad Algarni Ms. Kristi Brock ENG 101- College Writing (WC) 15 July 2015 Analysis of Ballot or Bullet On 3rd April 1964, Malcom X addressed the Negro community assembled in Cleveland over the controversial issue of the civil rights movement. “The Ballot or the Bullet” speech of Malcom X can be considered as a direct response to “I have a Dream” speech of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Malcom X and Dr. Martin were taking a stand for the true freedom of the same community but with a diagonally opposite philosophies. Dr. Martin chose a non-violent approach inspired from an Indian freedom fighter Gandhi, whereas Malcom X’s approach was radical and violent. The aim of Malcom’s speech was to invoke a need for action amongst the African-American community while at the same time generating a fear of civil war amongst the Whites. “Ballot or Bullet” can be considered as one of the most influential speeches that America has ever witnessed. It can be noticed that there has been an extensive use of rhetorical appeals such as emotional appeal (pathos) and cold-grave logic (logos). Also the credibility (ethos) of the author is built because of the reference that were strategically used in the speech to relate to the people present to listen to the speech in person. Even though Malcom’s speech seems in support of the African-American community, the credibility of the speaker is damaged because of multiple usage of attacking the character of the White politicians and the White people in
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