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The Nation of Islam was founded during the Great Depression in Detroit, Michigan by a silk merchant named Wallace D. Fard. He began preaching to the black community that they didn’t deserve to live in poverty, and that the white people exploited the people so much that Fard believed that this community needed their own state.
Fard accumulated more than 8,000 followers who believed that Fard was actually god, in the form of man. Elijah Poole, later known as Elijah Muhammad, took over the Nation of Islam after Fard’s disappearance in 1934.
One Nation of Islam follower widely known for his work was Malcolm X. Malcolm X was born on May 19, 1925 under the name Malcolm Little, the fourth child of Rev. Earl and Louise Little. Malcolm’s father
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(Frost 2001)
     In 1952, Malcolm Little was released form prison and changed his name to Malcolm X. on the belief of Elijah Muhammad that black people should give up their ‘slave names’. A year later, that Black Muslims named Malcolm X that assistant minister at a Nation of Islam temple in Detroit, where he worked his way up the totem pole.
     By 1954 Malcolm X was sent to preach in Harlem, New York City, the nation’s largest black community. There he preached, and soon the poor black people flocked him to hear what he had to say. They figured he was a man who knew the knowledge of their mean streets firsthand. They listened because Malcolm X was angry, just as the people of Harlem were.
Malcolm's personal commitment helped build the organization nation-wide, while making him an international figure. He was interviewed on major television programs and by magazines, and spoke across the country at various universities and other forums. (Frost 2001)
     With Black Muslim ideas as a foundation, Malcolm X would preach with great fury of the condition of blacks in America, and how the white people were held responsible. He would speak for hours on end of what he thought of the empty promises of integration and Christianity, and that the blacks need to get enraged, feel pride in their
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