Malden Mills Company: Strategy Analysis

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Introduction The Malden Mills Company is faced with different problems since it was built. Aaron Feuerstein, the CEO of Malden Mills Company has experienced different problems, but because of his intense decision making and enough skills in management, he is able to take some risk so that his company gains competitive advantage in different states. The major problems experienced include; bankruptcy, fire, and rebuilding of the company. Feuerstein realized that, public defeat was not a usual experience to him given that he was the CEO, and hence he was determined in filing for the second bankruptcy to protect his family's business, Malden mills after experiencing the first bankruptcy in 1981 when all of his mainstay product, and fake fur at one time went out of fashion. After the Malden Mill was built, there are other subsequent problems that followed such as fire. In 1995, fire destroyed Malden Mills complex in Lawrence threatening the life of 31workers. Feuerstein could not believe that but only inquired whether his people managed to get all his workers out and if they were a live (Feuerstein, 2003). There was a problem of rebuilding the Mill which again generated. Feuerstein made a quicker decision of rebuilding the place again, although the decision he made was not the same with his managers' decisions. His managers tried to express skepticism by suggesting that, only the profitable part of Malden Mill Company should be rebuilt, and that was the polartec apparel
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