Male Abuse Is The Hidden Side Of Domestic Violence

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Men don’t tell Male abuse is the hidden side of domestic violence. Representative sample surveys of the population show that abuse is a fifty-fifty proposition when it comes to intimate partner violence. The only exception to these figures is shown in the major national survey produced by the National Violence Against Women survey which found that thirty-six percent of the victims are male (Kimmell, 2001). The issue is not that men don’t tell, no one actually asks. Women on the other hand have the public knowledge that domestic violence occurs. They have shelters and crisis lines to seek help, and there is also someone who cares enough to ask. This equivalent does not exist for men because quite possibly of discrimination. What is it in our society that looks at a man and says “really, you are being abused by a woman?” Because men are generally physically larger than women, does not mean that they cannot be abused. Women make up this differential twice as often by using weapons. People who have never been the victim of abuse don’t understand just how complicated breaking up is. Men in abusive situations show the exact same signs as women. Unexplained injuries, depression, withdrawing from friends and family. Men also remain in abusive relationships for the same reasons as women. Believing that abuse is normal, embarrassment. Low self-esteem, or love. Gender symmetry has become a major issue of discussion for the public and media as it…
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