Male African And Asian Elephants Essay

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than men (740). This suggests that women seek a large group of good friends while men are content with a small amount of high quality friends. Simply put, women prefer to travel in herds. Much like what one can observe in wildlife, females are found in large packs while males are either solo or in a small group. Dr. Kathleen Brown, a visiting assistant professor of Claremont McKenna College, further clarifies this idea. Through a phone interview that I conducted with Dr. Brown, she explained that her graduate research project focused on mammalian residential patterns and the psychological reasoning behind it. Male African and Asian elephants, she asserts, stray from the herd at a juvenile age. From there, they form a small and dynamic bachelor herd. This very behavior can be found amongst wild horse herds as well. While the females travel in large bands, small stallion bachelor groups are formed in which the male horses reside. Dr. Brown draws parallels among these animals with juvenile human men. She concludes that, at the onset of puberty, it is in the mammalian essence for men to be less social creatures than women. Through Dr. Brown’s research, one surmises that as a mammalian male matures, he subconsciously limits the amount of friends with which he surrounds himself. Not only are women more inclined to conjugate in groups, they are much more driven by the affirmation that friendships provide. In Friendships and Adaptation Across the Life Span, Willard Hartup and Nan

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