Male And Female Bathrooms In American Schools

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Male and female bathrooms are the standard form of bathrooms in the United Stated of America schools. Today, some students are revealing that they are either lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender. The National Center for Transgender Equality (2014) defines transgender as a term for people whose gender identity, expression or behavior is different from those typically associated with their assigned sex at birth. Due to the students revealing their gender identity, several schools had to address some controversies. The Transgender people were having a difficult time accessing the bathrooms on school campuses.
Letters were sent to all public school districts by the Obama administration requiring them to allow transgender students to use the bathroom of their gender choice. Schools that are federally funded needs to comply with the Obama administration. If the schools do not comply, they are at risk of losing their federal funding. This decision did not set well with some states. Many schools depend on federal funding to keep their school functioning properly. North Carolina was one of the states that had the Charlotte City Council’s decision about the transgender people using the bathrooms overturned. The States that were not onboard with the letters that they receive and they filed suit to block transgender from using the bathrooms for the gender that they recognized themselves as and not their birth gender (World Socialist Web Site, 2016). Students and their parents did
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