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“The term “breast cancer” refers to a malignant tumor that has developed from cells in the breast” (Breast Cancer,n.d). What society does not realize, is that men have breasts. If men can have abnormal cell growths in the breast, they are except-able to breast cancer as well. Men need to be aware of the prevention, diagnoses, and treatments for male breast cancer. Society links breast cancer to women, but what about the males in our society? Males have breast tissues,'' Boys' and men's bodies normally do not produce much of the breast stimulating hormones. As a result their breast tissue usually stays flat and small (Breast Cancer,2008). Men usually have mounds of fat breast tissue, but a small percentage can have real…show more content…
Meanwhile, in addition to the male's occupation, radiation exposure and age can lead to breast cancer developments ( National Cancer Institute, 2007). When these risk factors are revealed in a diagnoses of breast cancer, men have more advanced cancerous growths than women (Giordano, 2004). So men may think, how do I get breast cancer? Is it inherited?

Breast cancer is normally linked by society though genetics of female family members. Some men in society may think that they, personally, can not get breast cancer because they are not women. While in today's society,some men normally link breasts to women. When men hear breast cancer, they may think of women. According to Fackelmann, if a male family member has a history of prostate cancer, the risk for cancer increases throughout other male or female family members (1992). Remember, the definition of cancer, abnormal cell growths of the breast tissue. Breast cancer does not choose between male or females. Males and females both have breasts tissue. However, patients with high risks include men and woman over the age of 40 (National Breast Cancer Foundation, n.d). Leading experts, the National Cancer Institute, the American Cancer Society and the American College of Radiology, now recommend annual mammograms for males and females over the age of 40(Breast Cancer,2008). Will men talk to their physicians about

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