Male Cancer

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Cancer- Cancer can occur in many parts of the female reproductive system. The uterus, ovaries, and cervix. This can occur in all ages. The treatments are certain medications, surgery, and chemotherapy.

Menstrual Cramping- Severe pain that happens during the period that can last for 1 to 7 days. The treatments for this painful disease include pairelivers, hormonal birth control, and surgery. This can occur in females who are ages 11 to 20 and have not given birth.

Endometriosis- When the normal lines that are inside of the uterus are outside of the uterus and end up in the ovaries causing severe pain in the lower abdomen. This disease has many many treatments from hormone therapy to several different types of procedure and surgeries. This
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More common in older men and more fatal to black people.

Erectile dysfunction- When the male lacks the ability to keep an erection and lacking energy during sex. This is most common in men who are 60 and older. It is treated by either medication or by self treatment by exercising or stopping smoking

Testicular cancer- cancer to the testicles. Most common in boys 15- 24 years of age. Treatment for this condition may cause infertility.

Priapism- painful erection lasting more than 4 hours when inadequate blood flow occurs even without sexual stimulation.

Prostatitis- a disease that involves swelling or inflammation of the prostate gland and can cause painful urination and ejaculation. Nearly half of all men will experience this sometime in their lives.

Female Organs

Uterus- Is where the fetus grows and where the egg goes to wait for
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Seminal Vesicles- They secrete fluid that partially composes semen to make it sticky.

Prostate- Secretes the fluid that makes up 30% of semen to reduce the acidity of the vaginal cavity and prolong the lifespan of spermatozoa.

Vas Deferens- Tubes that carry sperm from the epididymis to the ejaculatory glands.

Urethra- A tube which connects the urinary bladder to the urinary meatus for the removal of fluids.

Cowper's glands- a gland which contributes 5% of an ejaculation and reduces the acidity of urine in the urethra.

Penis- the primary sexual organ used to inseminate mates.

Fun Fact

The male makes 1,500 sperm every second

Women are born with approximately two million eggs in their ovaries, but about eleven thousand of them die every month prior to puberty.

The reproductive system contains the largest and smallest human cells

The average penis size is less than 6 inches long

The Vagina and Tomatoes have the same PH value of about 4


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