Male Eating Disorders : The Silent Struggle

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Male Eating Disorders: The Silent Struggle
Imagine looking into a mirror and feeling absolutely repulsed with the person looking back at you. Being dissatisfied with your body is without a doubt incredibly difficult thing to deal with, especially when no one is aware of just how much you are suffering. Time and time again we hear stories of people struggling with body issues. The issue is, we often only hear about the women who are suffering with eating disorders. This leads people to come to the conclusion that only women can suffer from deadly eating disorders and have low self-esteem in regards to their body image. But what about the males who are silently struggling daily? Why is it that while we do not seem to recognize their suffering, we are quick to acknowledge females who suffer from eating disorders? Males battling eating disorders are often marginalized. Personally, I have to people close to me who have battled eating disorders: one male, age fifteen at the time, and one female, age sixteen at the time. Today we are finally at a point in society where men and women have come to be considered to be equal. Although discrimination based upon a person’s sex has become less prevalent, it still happens, whether it is on purpose or because of a lack of knowledge.
A woman can do anything a man can do and vice versa. However, when a man is suffering from an eating disorder, he is likely to feel inferior because society as a whole has allowed people to believe that only…
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