Male Latinos in the Media

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Male Latinos in the Media Introduction What is the image of the male Latino American in the media today in television, in the movies, and in other media? Is the male Latino represented fairly in American media? And if he is often presented as a stereotype, why is he portrayed in stereotypical situations? The answers to those questions come from a number of sources that will be presented in this paper. The Literature Author Scott L. Baugh has examined the role of Latino Americans in the movies, and he explains that there "…remains the uneven balance of power among characters," in particular with reference to Latino "subordinate characters" that tend to be portrayed as "stereotypes" (Baugh, 2012, p. 259). Early films (in the late 19th century and early 20th century) depicted a very "simple hierarchy," in which the heroes and main characters were white and held positions of "leadership and agency" (Baugh, 259). Latino characters were "secondary" to those main white characters, and Latino characters tended to be the villains, Baugh explained. In those early portrayals, the "privileged non-Latina woman" was often "lured into the sensual exoticism of a caddish Latino philanderer," Baugh continues (259). More recently, the author suggests, filmmakers have attempted to present Latino identities as less stereotypical characters. There are characters that would not likely be revered by the greater Latino community in the United States, but nonetheless Baugh believes
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