Male Masculinity : Gender Roles

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Male Masculinity in Media
Male gender roles in contemporary media that are negatively portrayed through masculinity greatly effects the physical, psychological, and behavioral image of men. The social construct of masculinity in society and its relationship to males is generally reflected in male media consumption. The popular concept of women’s feminine image in the media is vastly overshadowed and more predominantly acceptable in subtle society in comparison to male’s image of masculinity.
Advertising regularly uses gender roles to promote products. Gender-role stereotyping has been a prominent subject in advertising and throughout the media. It is the concept that gender stereotypes influence and reinforce stereotypical values in society, which can lead to negative consequences, particularly for men. As for advertising effectiveness, research shows that stereotypes can be supportive or detrimental, depending on several factors, such as the gender attitudes of the audience.
Gender stereotypes are beliefs that certain attributes, such as occupations or role behaviors, differentiate women and men (Eisend, Plagemann, & Sollwedel 2014). There are masculine and feminine versions of each of these attributes (e.g., independent versus dependent roles in everyday life), and the masculine and feminine variants of each attribute are very strongly associated with males and females, respectively. Although stereotypes can provide useful orientations in everyday life, they can produce…
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