Male Reception And Resistance Of Feminism

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Q – Analysis of male reception and resistance to feminism (1960’s to present day) Introduction There are many ideas behind the actual theory of feminism and this therefore divides feminists into three main schools of thought regarding the subject these include; Radical, Marxist and Liberal Feminism, all of which agree on one thing which is the advocacy of women 's rights in economic, social and domestic settings. The idea is therefore to place women at the same position that men have allegedly held for centuries thus promoting equality Feminism It is widely agreed upon that the beginning of the movement was in the mid to late 19th century as the groups such as 'The Women 's Suffrage ' formed to campaign for the suffrage and rights of women. However, the pivotal point in feminist history came after the active involvement of women in the efforts for the Second World War. By the 1960 's men had to make a decision on Feminism, they could ignore it and retire to the past ideals of male entitlement, completely reject it and fight against it or alternatively actively support it. Men versus Feminism - allies or enemies? The first and definitely the most difficult problem men had and still do is that it isn 't directly about them and as a result it becomes a major task for them to engage with it in a positive way. Feminism is only designed to affect women and contribute towards women 's struggles and issues. One argument supporting the inclusion of men in the

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