Male Versus Female: Leadership Stype Essay

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Women have been on the search for gender equality since the passing of Title IX in 1972. The original 1972 law states that “no person in the United States shall on the basis of sex be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity receiving federal financial assistance” (UCSC Title IX), later in 1987 the benefits were extended to all educational institutions, governmental entities, and private employers who accepted federal funds (UCSC Title IX). Although forty years have gone by since Title IX was initially passed, women are still fighting a daily battle for equality in the employment field. Women have made great strides in terms of the careers they…show more content…
The study performed by Chavez et al. associated transactional leadership with “contingent reward, active management-by-exception, and a combination of passive management-by-exception with laissez-faire leadership” (Chavez et al. 79). Essentially, males tend to focus more on the interactions between the leader (themselves) and followers by exploiting rewards and punishments as a means of motivation. Barbara Mandell and Shilpa Pherwani had a similar definition in their article titled “Relationship between Emotional Intelligence and Transformational Leadership Style: A Gender Comparison”: “…transactional leadership occurring when the leader rewards or disciplines the follower with regards to performance” (390). According to Mandell and Pherwani, transactional leadership focuses on work standards, assignments, task oriented goals, task completion, and employee compliance (390). This style tends to look further down the road at the product rather than the path to the final creation. There is less emphasis placed on the employees generating goals and the steps to accomplish said goals, while more stress is put on the completion of given tasks. Through this style of leading, one person has majority, if not full, control over what happens in the group of workers. The designated leader gives specific directions to his employees and expects the tasks to

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