Male Victims Of Female Victims

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VICTIM BLAMING As stated above, one reason males being raped by females is not commonly known is because victims blame themselves. Male victims of rape, like female victims, are likely to be blamed by others for their own rape (Anderson, 2004). When victims blame themselves multiple questions run through their mind to where in the end they blame themselves for the action occurring and not want to tell anyone due to fear of embarrassment. Due to stereotypes, multiple studies have shown that male victims of rape are being blame for their assault. Male victims tend to be blamed more than female victims on behavior blame measures, due to societal stereotypes that a man should be able to defend for themselves (Davies and Rogers, 2006). However, women are not expected to be able to defend for themselves. While male victims are held responsible for the rape on account of their behavior during the attack, female victims are attributed more blame on account of their internal characteristics (Doherty and Anderson, 2004). Stating that males are blamed for not being masculine enough to fight off their attacker and females are blamed for putting themselves in that situation when they should have been safer. The fact that males can be victims of rape challenges may beliefs about men’s masculinity. Males that identify as homosexual are judged to be more at fault than males that identify as heterosexual (Davis and Rogers, 2006). Homosexual males are seen as violating gender role
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