Mali : The Largest Country

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1. Mali - Mali is the eighth largest country in the entire West Africa. The economic center of Mali runs on agriculture and also fishing. Mali is the third largest gold producing country in the world, another interesting thing it produces is salt. Mali also produced a federation in the year 1960 after gaining independence Mali had gotten the Mali federation.

2. Chad - Chad is located in central West Africa it borders with Libya and Sudan on either side of it. Chad is a very unique place it is divided into multiple groups, it has the desert group and it has the lake group. It has a very sandy desert at the north and a lake at the south named Lake Chad. Lake Chad has the largest wetlands in the whole Africa. Chad is an open place and it has over 200 groups that lives inside its borders

3. Niger river - The Niger River is a key point in West Africa it runs all the way through the country and it is 2,600 miles in length. This river borders with the cities Benin and also Nigeria. It is the third largest river in Africa trailing behind the Congo and the Nile River. The source of where the water comes from is the guinea and it gives the river its water.

4. Trade, gold, and salt -Ghana is a city located in West Africa. Ghana has salt on the north side and has gold on the north. People from the gold side wanted salt, and people from the salt side wanted gold. They would travel on camel and trade with the others soon they traded more than just gold. They traded spices, silk,…
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