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His actions, the way his hand traveled from her chin to grasp her throat and exert sheer dominance and boasting male strength, made arousal pool between her legs, covered by the regrettable jean fabric of her shorts. His words had her nearly dripping, the heat of his breath against her skin calming her and exciting her in all the right ways and when he suddenly pulled back, shivers still surging up her spine, Sky was left immensely disappointed. So much for being an action man. She would have loved if he had his wicked way with her right then and there. He was right. Though she’d never admit it out loud, not right now at least. If she was randy, which she already
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She tore the material of the flannel shirt from her body, exposing her naked chest, sumptuous globes of flesh with dusky rose peaked nipples, already hard and begging for his mouth as well as her softly toned--she was a dancer, not a gymnast, meaning not every bit of her was toned muscle--stomach, her belly button ring still in place even after all the crazy events. Thank goodness for the stud. Undoing her shorts, she pushed them down, her skin all sorts of different colors of grime and sweat at the moment but even the dirtiness couldn’t take away from her curvy and shapely hips, the slender of her fit legs, the nail polish on her toes still in tact and not even cracked. For being dirty, she pulled it off pretty…show more content…
“Nice buns of steel Mr. Secret Agent Man.” She purred, trailing soft kisses up his back and over the back of his neck, lightly nipping here and there. It didn’t even faze her that the water was cold. All she cared about was finally having her body pressed against his. Even that was enough to satisfy her, but at the same time, she wanted more. She wanted him all over her, she wanted him to press against her, roughly bury himself inside of her and claim her, the future queen of England as his own, so that he would never forget that he got to violate her royal
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