Mali´s Hungry People

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While reading about Mali in Hungry People, I noticed that the people all looked so happy – and healthy! I found it odd, considering their limited diet, consisting of mostly grains, very little meat, and a few vegetables, along with drinking only well water. I guess it is possible to survive, and in their case, thrive, on such a limited diet. In Alaska, where the Eskimos eat a mainly whale blubber, they also do fine. The addition of so many chemicals, preservatives and unknown additives to our food would explain the difference in health when comparing the regions. I did notice their life expectancy is 44/46 years of age, and although they did not mention the reason for a shorter life span than we know, I assume it is from lack of nutritious foods. The concept of plural marriages is not a new one to us, but I respect the fact that the men are limited to four wives, and only if they can support them all, and agree to treat his wives well. The women mentioned that other village co-wives that fought amongst themselves were a result of the men not treating them equally. I recently watched episodes of Sister Wives on Netflix- and while I neither agree nor disagree with their marriage choice, they are fine with it. In one episode, the third wife was giving birth to their child, and he scooted out the door to make out with his fiancé’, his soon-to-be fourth wife. That was a little weird to imagine. In the family interviewed for the expose’ on Mali, the women share cooking
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