Malnutrition Is The Most Terrible Poverty

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“Loneliness and the feeling of being unwanted is the most terrible poverty,”
- Mother Teresa

When body does not get right amount of nutrients, condition arises called malnutrition. Malnutrition itself is a broad term. According to World Health Organization, Malnutrition refers to deficiencies, excesses or imbalances in a person’s intake of energy and/or nutrients. It covers 2 broad groups of conditions :- ‘Under nutrition’—which includes stunting i:e low height for age, Wasting -low weight for height, Underweight -low weight for age and Micronutrient deficiencies- lack of important vitamins and minerals, others are overweight, obesity and diet-related non communicable diseases (such as heart disease, stroke, diabetes and
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This study is conducted by the team members of PVCHR to find the cause behind increasing rate of malnutrition in a marginalised communities of Varanasi. Marginalised community that 's confined to the lower or peripheral edge of the society. Such group is not mentally and physically allowed involvement in mainstream activities in like economic, political, cultural and social.
Some of the target communities in this study are: - Musahar community, Schedule caste, Muslims and other backward caste.
Above mentioned names are categories as marginalised community due to lack of equality for them. Such communities are not aware with their primary basic needs and rights. Lack of awareness and poverty are the two main reasons of malnutrition among their children. PVCHR, is keen to find more factors behind this situation.
This study will help to rummage the outcome which are responsible for up surging malnutrition in Varanasi.
Target population is from five blocks of district Varanasi namely: - Harahua, Arajiline, Bajardiha, Badagaon and Pindra, covering every villages from each blocks.

To assess malnutrition among the children under the age of five year of marginalised communities ' in villages of district Varanasi.

• To find the cause behind increasing rate of malnutrition in marginalised communities.
• To find out living condition of respective parents.

A major underlying factor in high level of under-five mortality and

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