Malnutrition Of Older Adults : Malnutrition

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Malnutrition in Older Adults
Malnutrition is defined as the under or over nutrition in older people.(Aging & Health,2012) Under nutrition occurs when one does not eat enough which can lead to weight loss and other health issues such as poor wound healing and exacerbate more chronic health conditions such as wasting away from HIV.(Aging & Health,2012) Over nutrition can lead to weight gain leading to morbid obesity with can cause a host of other issues such as developing diabetes and also exacerbate other chronic health conditions such as hypertension and heart disease.(Aging & Health,2012)
This article concentrates on an interview with my neighbors Sharon and Bill West. Sharon and Bill state they are in their “golden 70’s and enjoy every day at being lazy retirees.” I don’t see Sharon and Bill being very lazy as Sharon and Bill both are outside a lot gardening and doing work around the house. Their only son Brad comes by weekly to visit and do any “heavy lifting” that Bill may need. Brad lives in the city and has a city job and isn’t out here in the country often. I often hear Brad say that he knew he was cut out to live in the city and that’s where he stays. Brad is not married so Sharon and Bill have no grandchildren and they spend their summer months in Florida as “snow birds”.
Sharon both state in their opinion as being relatively healthy. Sharon states she tries to eat a variety of foods such as fruits and vegetables every day and tries to get Bill to eat them as much…

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