Malnutrition Universal Screening Tool Essay

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This assignment will discuss a trust adapted version of the Malnutrition Universal Screening Tool (MUST). It will demonstrate an understanding of theoretical knowledge used to develop the assessment tool. The assignment will focus on three components within the tool; discussing the reliability and validity when used in a clinical environment. A reflection of my own experience using the tool will be included and linked to aspects of reliability. Any issues with reliability will be identified and suggestions given on how they can be corrected to aid future use. MUST is a five-step screening tool designed for healthcare professionals to identify adult patients who at risk of, or are malnourished. It includes guidelines on how to develop an…show more content…
(Jeukendrup & Gleeson 2005). BMI provides some indication as to the patient’s nutritional status. A low BMI is associated with inadequate nutritional intake; this occurs when there is a deficiency or imbalance in the nutrients consumed, which can lead to malnutrition. (Lennard-Jones,1992). However some patients may have a normal or high BMI and be classed as malnourished. This can be because they have a low intake of nutrients such as vitamins and protein, or because they may be consuming the wrong type of foods (Ward and Rollins, 1999). There are three main ways that malnutrition can occur, either through impaired absorption, impaired nutritional intake or an increased metabolic demand. (Cartwright & Williams, 2002). BMI cannot differentiate between body fat and muscle mass. This often results in misleading information with regard to the amount of fat in the individual, as muscle is denser than fat. (British Heart Foundation 2009). Meaning there is a potential risk of overestimating BMI in individuals with a high muscle mass, such as athletes. The reliability of the BMI depends on the individual’s abilities to accurately measure, calculate and record the BMI. The tools used to measure the patients height and weight should also be checked to ensure they read accurately, for example calibrating

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