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PROFESSIONAL LIABILITY FOR PARAMEDICS (EMS) ANTHONY L. PETERKIN DEVRY COLLEGE INTRODUCTION: “What ever can go wrong, will go wrong.” This application paper provides a summary of Professional Liability for a Paramedic and EMS personnel in general. We forget (omissions) to perform a needed task or skill and we make mistakes or professional errors for whatever reason when performing our duty in the name of doing no harm. The incident (the liable act) may be minor and reversible; on the other hand it might just be hell’s payday with lawsuits and court dates. A professional liability can cause severe injury to a patient, both patient and care provider and might also include a civilian or two in the mix. Professional Liability can lead to…show more content…
A call Monday evening to the EMT's union office wasn't immediately returned. Ritea said that all FDNY members "take an oath to assist others whenever they're in need of emergency medical care. It's their sworn duty." A union spokesman said Monday that EMTs generally consider their jobs to be a 24-hour kind of thing. "Our people tend to spring into action whether they're on duty, off duty, whatever they're doing," said Robert Ungar, spokesman for the Uniformed EMTS and Paramedics, FDNY. The city's EMTs have a "very strong bond with the people of New York City that they serve," he said. "They view themselves as always being on duty." He said the union was waiting to see what the results of the Fire Department's investigation would be. "If there was unprofessional conduct by these EMTs, the union does not condone any type of conduct which in any way can harm members of the public," he said. On Monday, Bloomberg repeated comments he made over the weekend criticizing the EMTs, saying refusing to help goes against human decency. "There's no excuse whatsoever," he said. By Deepti Hajela ; The Associated Press ( What are other issues an EMS personnel/paramedic can be held liable too? They are several major liability concerns, such as: vehicle accidents, bad refusals and consents, abandonment and improper restraints. Other
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