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1. What contractual issues should the contractor pay special attention to before signing the demolition contract?
Massive and sophisticated demolition work predates the establishment of the proposed developmental property on the Maltese islands. However, the construction sector in Malta is plagued by myriad constraints and limitations, rendering the nation acutely incapable of successfully conducting the demolition through local efforts. The staff at the disposal of even the largest demolition contractor in the nation consists of only 20 members, because of which it is ill-equipped to execute an undertaking of this stature and complexity.

Consequently, the
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Such prohibitions enlisted in the contract must also be studied and adhered to with caution.

2. Discuss some of the fundamental issues that must be considered by any demolition contractor bidding for the work.
The demolition contract entails the annihilation of a 10,000 square meter warehouse and three two-storied industry buildings in order to ready the site for the construction of the proposed developmental property. The cost required to be incurred on this project is estimated at US $10 million. As a large-scale demolition and construction endeavor involving unprecedented costs, resources and strategizing, all contractors who wish to bid for the project must vigilantly analyze and interpret the fundamental issues surrounding the execution of the task. These issues have discussed as under.
Firstly, the project involves a very high degree of technical erudition. The buildings to be demolished lie close to certain historically significant sites and residential areas, which must be insulated from any sort of risk and impairment. This spells increased expenditures and efforts on the part of the contractor, and also implies rigorous financial damages in case the contractor fails to deliver the completed project within the stipulated timeline.
Secondly, the contractor must examine reports that suggest that portions of the land being prepared for the new property is polluted. On account of the industrial activities that are prevalent in

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