Maltese Falcon

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The Maltese Falcon, was not only a detective film, but a film that displayed many different aspects of the female and the male character in the movie. The film was more than a story, but a story that explored the ideas of the detective genre and the different characteristics of femininity and masculinity. It also brought forth subjects of sexual desires and the greediness of money. The characters and the visual motifs in the film contributed to the developing of the plot and assisted in creating a more detective and gender oriented film. In the film, The Maltese Falcon, the role of men and women are portrayed in different ways in the film to show the distinct functions of masculinity and femininity between the characters. Sam said…show more content…
They have a tendency to seek men when they are in need, or only when they are in trouble. Her character follows through with the "dark past" theme. Since she has deceived him many times, it was hard for Sam to believe what words that came out of her mouth. Sam said to Brigid, "If you were actually as innocent as you pretend to be, we would never get anywhere." She wasn't able to receive his trust, so in many ways, this showed that women could not be trusted and that it portrayed women in a lower view. "Haven't you tried to buy my loyalty with money and nothing else? This shows that she was desperate and willing enough to receive his trust through the exchange of money. "What else can I buy you with?" Towards the end of the film, it showed how hard she tried to convince him that she still loved him so that she wouldn't go to jail. "I would have come back to you soon, from the very first instant I saw you, I knew." Through this you could figure out the true personality of Brigid and how she worked. Brigid wasn't the only one who tried to trick a person into something, Sam lied as well in order to find out the truth. Brigid said to Sam, "You've been playing with me, just pretending you cared to trap me like didn't care at all, you don't love me."
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