Maltese Falcon as a Film Noir Essay

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Maltese Falcon as a Film Noir Film Noir is a French word which means: dark or black film. This is very fitting as Film Noir and the Maltese falcon are stories of dark deceptive people who often cannot be trusted. Film Noir is a good example of this as the story is about a detective called Sam Spade who gets dragged into the quest for the Maltese Falcon with a compulsive liar Kasper Gutman. The Maltese Falcon is a large bird made of solid gold worth millions. The main six conventions of Film Noir as I can see are The plot, lighting , dialogue, body language, stock characters and camera angles. The film is about a group of 5 people fighting to find and keep the golden jewel encrusted…show more content…
In the shot Spade is on the right and Bridgid on the left. Spade is wearing a hat, the light is projected so that the shadow covers his eyes. Eyes often show how a person is really feeling, with these hidden Spade looks as he is the bad deceptive one, this is another twist to the plot. O'Shaughnessy is on the left, the light on her face is very different. Her face is lit up so her whole face is visible, her eyes are large and she looks very innocent. Light is often projected on the females faces as to make them look vulnerable and truthful, when is this instance Bridgid is the opposite. Another example is when Spade is being questioned by two investigators, in this scene Spade sits in the middle of them both so his face is visible but only the back of the other two investigators. There is only one lamp in this frame and all the rays are focused on Spade, this as with the others makes him look innocent, which in this case he is, but with the twists you are not sure. Outdoor lighting is quite similar, outside scenes are usually lit by headlights and street lamps. A scene outside is a good place for someone to hide as the beam of light is often focused on one direct spot. A good example is when Miles Archer
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