Maltreatment Of Children With Disabilities

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Kelsey Thompson Maltreatment of Children With Disabilities CA 301 (21117): Perspectives on Child Maltreatment and Child Advocacy April 2, 2017 Ms. Janet Dorning Maltreatment of Children With Disabilities Maltreatment of Children With Disabilities is not a topic that is intensely covered in textbook, however it is a serious public health issue. Child maltreatment is a disturbing social problem in American culture. There are currently four categories of child maltreatment that include: physical abuse, sexual abuse, neglect, and emotional maltreatment. The term “disability” is used broadly and includes physical, mental, and emotional deficiencies. According to the textbook, results have shown that the rate of child maltreatment was…show more content…
Behavioral characteristics are another severe risk factor. Children with disabilities do not always react to conventional means of control or discipline. Sometimes, these children can be aggressive, rebellious, intolerant, and compulsive. Parents often find these behavioral characteristics challenging. Behavior characteristics of children with disabilities often lead to the possibility of maltreatment. Dependency on caregivers is also a risk factor of Maltreatment of Children With Disabilities. Children with disabilities often have inadequate access to vital information concerning personal safety and sexual abuse prevention (Hibbard, 2007). This becomes a risk factor because children with disabilities who rely on caregivers are comfortable with having their bodies touched by adults on a regular basis. Sexual abuse is more likely to go unnoticed by children with disabilities, and often undetected by parents of children with disabilities because they trust the caregivers. Children with disabilities are often seen as easy targets because their intellectual boundaries may inhibit them from being able to understand and voice the maltreatment that is occurring (Kenny, 2004). Knowing the risk factors of Maltreatment of Children With Disabilities is a crucial factor in helping these occurrences from happening. Treatment options are available for children with disabilities
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